Jack Kirby's Art for the Real Argo

Voodoo Ben

The African Dream
Before Argo the Oscar-nominated drama from Ben Affleck, there was Argo the science-fiction epic -- otherwise known as the fake film project CIA operative Tony Mendez used to save six Americans trapped in Iran. However, that fake film project wasn't always just a cover story. In a recent interview with BuzzFeed, journalist Joshua Bearman, who wrote the original article that was the basis for Affleck's film, explained the story behind the real Argo, which was titled Lord of Light at first: "Argo was the name Tony [Mendez] gave to a script that was in turnaround and sitting in a pile at [makeup artist John] Chambers' house," he said. "That script was... adapted from a successful Roger Zelazny science-fantasy novel of the same name." The project never took off. But before it was shelved, famed comic book artist Jack Kirby was commissioned to draw up some concept sketches for the film. Until now, they'd been archived as thumbnails on a site dedicated to Lord of Light.




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