Jackass 2.5...Online Release Only...


Hark the sound of Tar Heel voices...
Aug 19, 2005
From the Hollywood Reporter today... http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/news/e3i46053bf6151a3fb4e5874afb5a4f3026

"Next 'Jackass' pic aimed squarely at Web"
By Andrew Wallenstein

The "Jackass" gang is about to attempt its most audacious stunt yet: online movie distribution.

In a radical departure from the traditional movie business model, Paramount Digital Entertainment and MTV New Media are co-producing "Jackass 2.5," a sequel to its two-time boxoffice hit that will skip multiplexes entirely.

Instead, "2.5" will be offered online for free for two weeks beginning Dec. 19 courtesy of Blockbuster, which will exclusively host the 64-minute film during that period. The movie will be made available at blockbuster.jackassworld.com.

From there, the film will move on in ensuing weeks to pay-per-view platforms including iTunes and DVD as part of a light-speed reinvention of the customary distribution-window chain. The domestic release strategy also will be replicated internationally in early 2008, but with different distribution partners.

The movie launch will also be a curtain-raiser for a new Web site, Jackassworld.com, which will establish a permanent online home for the franchise beginning Feb. 9 to continually churn out new content.


fornicating madly
Mar 29, 2004
I know not everyone likes these, but I loved the first two, especially number two. I'm totally down for this.

Arch Stanton

It's all about the funny!
Nov 22, 2004
Well, I laughed so hard at the opening and parts of the 2nd Jackass that I had a stroke. So bring it on.
Dec 3, 2005
That kind of sucks, seeing the second one in a theater full of people made it a blast to watch.

Chino Kapone

Yo, whats wrong wit da beer we got?
Jun 10, 2005
Always loved Jackass.

Isnt there a Jackass video game coming out too. "whaa"


Unregistered User .
Sep 9, 2005
I loved the movies, but I hate that douche Steve-O


Will Drink Today
Dec 9, 2004
Now available online. I just finished watching it and it was not that great. There is too much bare man ass and junk for my liking.


El hombre de los moleculos!
Dec 8, 2004
Great. Won't load. Who saw that coming?

Especially after this Microsoft Silverlight horseshit.


Breaking Down The 8th Wall
Jul 1, 2005
I'll wait until someone rips it and posts it as a torrent. I'm not dealing with Silverlight.