Jackie Mason takes on health and fitness humor


He loves you, and he needs money.
i got 1 min in.


I wear my sunglasses at night...Anyone want fries?
i saw him in vegas.fucking awful.defending stern.swearing in his act trying to change his image.doing fucking bad stalone impersonations.doing motherfucking ed sullivian impersonations? in a time of fucking war with arabs and a guy whos supposed to a funny edgy jewish comic he stunk.not one towel head joke.no mention of terror.thank fuck jimmy stays topical and does talk about arline security and arabs.lets remember he was the last call to mancunt b4 antthony.

i met him on the street.hes not shal we say with us.i respect him as far a his old shit but hes a douche now.i promised to vuy his book.mabey its better then his current act.