Jam Sessions DS


Hackmaster Jones Sr.
So I just got this game on Wednesday and someone needs to take it away from me.

It's not so much of a game as it is a virtual guitar for the DS. Sure they include a few practice songs with midi demos and tabs (which they give you a little check mark for if you endure to the end of each), but in the end this baby is all about freeplay and the ability to record your own songs.
It's actually suggested you hook up your DS to a set of speakers and a mic.

The touchpad is used as the place to strum with a "virtual guitar string" and depending on if you're righty or lefty you use either the d-pad or buttons, respectively, for 8 chords. If you tap or hold (depending on your settings) your handed-nesses' shoulder button (either L or R) you get another 8 chords available to you. Chord palettes come preset for the demo songs but really you can just set your own and save your settings to the cart. And it looks like in freeplay you can easily upshift or downshift your key.

The game offers a lot of options ranging from various effects and attributes you can place upon the guitar sound (distortion, low cut, high cut, delay, chorus, flanger, and tremolo) to physical modifications to the effect of your strumming itself.

There are already a few Youtube videos up of people using this thing to play various songs.

I've been "playing" this thing for hours trying to get a handle on some of the techniques required to play.
Definitely recommended to all you DS gamers out there who are fans of playing music. For 30 bucks you basically get a portable guitar you can fit in your pocket.


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