jason itzler on Howard


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was busted by spitzer. Why didn't he go on o&a ?????!!!!


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All Itzler does is talk about how awesome and rich he is. Perfect fit for Howard.


he brings nothing to the table

boring jerkoff


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yeah... how's his "revolutionary" (sound familiar?) idea working out that's supposedly legal hookers???

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MMMMike! You don't come to Wackbag and talk about a guy like Itzler on the show like THAT!


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I'm glad he's on Howard's show. I don't listen to Howard. Works out pretty good for me. Hooray for me.

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Oh another thread by Mike, here comes the bordem.
Yes, it doesn't contain all of the usual excitment that is inherent in message board threads. Perhaps you could pre-approve the thoughts of others. Douche.

PS: It's spelled BOREDOM


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to be fair, o and a kind of ignored him before.. he had some good material with the Eli Manning hints he was dropping.

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ok who is Itzler? TOTALLY DONT KNOW!
Itzler used to run an Escort Service called New York Confidential. He gave everyone on the show a free hour to use. Guess who was the only one who took them up on their offer? Apparently Jimmy had his way with one of the models who ended up on a magazine cover after Itzler bragged that he was untouchable and that he'd never be caught or arrested... Guess what happened next?

Apparently after Jimmy visited this place and wrecked that escort, he got some sort of ass flu from her.

Itzler himself is an annoying fuck who has a sense of arrogance around him that is just infuriating. He claims the character of Ari from Entourage was based on him.


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I guess my opinion on this ass is shared by all. The less of this arrogant fuck the better.

The amount of times he has made it on the show only shows that if you get Jimmy laid, you will get your money worth.