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Now batting for the O & A all-stars Jay Mohr. If that bit with Bob Murphy and Harry carrey wasn't one of the funniest bits they ever did. I don't know what funny is anymore. They went off, everything they said had me rollin', I even had my father listening, he doesn't like their humor, but even he was laughing his head off. Jay Mohr comes back and completely kills as he always does. This shouldn't be the last we hear from Jay this week, he will most likely be in the studio tomorrow as well.

Also I'd like to note, although he was kind of quiet for the usaul Norton, Jim also killed, he was throwing in one liners that had me pissin'. The guys were the talk of the day, every Trucker that came into my warehouse was laughing asking "Are you listening to this?" :D

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I have to agree with you 100% percent there Mav that was one of the funniest things i have ever heard Jay Mohr do on the O&A show.


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Jay Mohr is on LIVE today and Friday!
Man i always miss the good shit when im at work. When i was umemployed there was nothing ever on TV.


I speak the human language
When i was umemployed there was nothing ever on TV.
Tell me about it bro, when I was unemployed for 2 years straight. Whenever a Met day game was on it would be like the super bowl. lol.

Jay, they replayed that part on the show today, I laughed harder than I did yesterday.
See Mav i miss all the good shit. Im gonna have to smuggle my portable tv that looks like a walkman into work... Heh heh LOL