Jay Mohr filling in for Jim Rome

patty's wig

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Friday 12pm eastern time. Jay is a funny dude and should get an SNV show if Danny allows him.
I've looked around for affiliates what have Rome.
I can't find a list.

Can it be streamed from somewhere probably?

Is he on in St.Louis?
If not I'll have to look around for a torrent on Friday. A few months ago when he hosted it I found a torrent.
here's the link to the affiliate list.

Jay has filled in before and was great. I don't think the show is streamed online anymore. I know it used to be but I think the official streaming is a pay service.
Hmmm, he's all over Hannibal and Paducah-Cape Girardue. No St.Louis.
He does have an impressive affiliate list, he's on in like 6,000 markets


Fucking Jay sucks ass.what happened to his acting..God he stinks up the whole Ghost whisper show...

izzy izkowitz

Chris Hansen is my hero
anyone catch Jay giving a shout out to the wackbaggers? made me feel kinda special, in that short bus kind of way.


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Fucking Jay sucks ass.what happened to his acting..God he stinks up the whole Ghost whisper show...
You forgot the sarcasm smiley ya man ass loving douche. :action-sm

Great fucking stuff. He plugged us a bunch of times.


there is a lot of gash walking around today
the best was ghost runner, and cecil fielder. mohr is great. gotta start listening to rome again.
I found it online, Jay had some great lines.
I loved the Joe Kennedy joke.

"Joe Kennedy is dead, his career record was 43-61. Coroner's report says he died of mediocrity [Jay Giggles]"

And I loved the constant Jay Mohr self-whoring.
I'm finishing the show up right now.
Jay's "Opie Impression" just fucking with that one asshole. "How's his height for jumping?"

Love you Mr.White


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Who wouldn't give this guy his own show???

ON a side note, why has Mr. White not done a Weekend Virus show yet????

Mr. White

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Thank you to all wackbaggers that supported me on the jim Rome show...as you may or may not know...I no longer post on this site due to assholes like earth2murf and other homos....thhis one is different because I am simply posting to say thank you...i will take your comments off the air. jj