Jay versus Dice III (or did I lose count)


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If you have missed the show in the past two days, you have missed some really good radio. From Jay's standpoint I say he is right for not accepting an appology, but in a way he did kind of pussy out.

Dice, in a whole lot of ways made himself looks like a real dick. Though he made some good points. I couldn't quote them, but if I heard the two fights on replay I could point them out.

Bottom line is it is just hysterical to hear Dice blabber on repeatedly, to the point that they have to lower his volume or put him on hold. There were some great lines by Jay. Also you can't beat the Dice backstep "Whoa, whoa, whoa, maybe I'm the one in the wrong, maybe I'm the bad guy.I'm sorry. I think we got off to a bad start"

As a the great line by a caller during the first Frank Caliendo appearance goes: "Dice is funny, because he's ridiculous" :D

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I missed the start of this whole ting yesterday but I tuned in today and fell off my chair. First of all, Jay ohr can't do a Dice impression. Second, Dice took the "die and get in the coffin" think way too seriously. :confused: But worst of all, Jay shouldn't have brought his wife into the studio. That was the dumbest move. She got all worked up about Dice poking fun at their attempts to have a baby and Jay's low sperm count. What the heck??? It's a joke you bitch. Or maybe I just can't relate to chicks... :rolleyes:

In any case, hopefully the two will realize how ridiculous this whole thing is. I only hope Dice didn't blow it with O&A, they're the only show that would have him on these days. I also would like to know what's the bug up Dice's ass. What's with the whole Kinison reference??? :confused: I love the man and even for me it was too much...
DAMN I MISSED IT !!! If anyone has the clip of the fight please email it to me or a link where I can hear it....PLEASE or put it on Morpheus or kazaa. I heard the first part from kazaa but it did not include the fight.



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Comics can be very funny but they have no sence of humor. hmmmmm I like that.Dice must have heard Jay on Conan doing a bit where he used Yambag then did a lame Dice impression. Then he heard Jay say get in the coffin. but whats with that wife of Jays???? His sperm count is low due to the fact of him banging everything in site including Gay Marco. Jay walked off today Dice wins. Jay keep that bitch off mike please. Bla Bla bla Bla bla


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Ignorant Fucks.

Oh and like what that guy said.


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Mohr isnt a big guy is he???? Dice would kill him or else why did Jay call the police on him??? Rat bastid
I STILL never got to hear it dammit, but if jay called the cops, he's a pussy, whats the matter jay? cant talk shit to a persons face without shaking in your high heels? I bet its easy on the phone aint it...

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Yeah, I agree. That was really shitty of Jay. Maybe I can't relate to his wife. I also don't understand this blind dedication. His wife calls the cops on Dice and he stands by her. Whatever... :( It's just not fair. Dice's words vs. the cops and the wacko wife.

Alright, maybe Dice was wrong but they were even more wrong to respond this way. And then Dice tried to apologize and sissy Jay with his wife pulling the strings is giving him the attitude now. He won't accept the apology. WTF??? :confused:

This whole thing just sucks. I hate to take sides but if I had to I'd take Dice's side anytime. Jay should stop listening to his wife so much, she's manipulating him. After hearing her on the air I'm not surprised if he actually flirts with waitresses.

I hope this whole thing won't escalate any further. Jay, just get over it man, what's your flucking problem? I'll tell you right now. Your wife. All of a sudden she's all upset, we've been trying to have a baby for the longest time and Dice jokes about my husband's sluggish sperm. Well boo hoo. What's the matter lady, can't take a joke? I'll bet it's not the only thing you can't take.