Jeff Hardy suspended for 60 days (2nd offense)


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Just heard on WCBS AM here in NYC he was suspended 60 days. Too bad he was really gettng into his groove.

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okay, that's pretty cool that it was on 770am

but like we said in the March & Wrestlemania threads....:wtf: fuckin dopey ass, he had so much momentum and a possible title run in the immediate future and he had to go and blow it


Kansas City...Kansas City here they come!
Its 880 AM. Get it right sir for the sake of the ratings!!! LOL.

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Is Hardy playing baseball now? If not, who cares if he did roids?

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apparently Congress...they're still trying to get up Vince's ass for being busy during their most recent steroids hearings

Hardy doesn't juice, at least he REALLY doesn't look like it. I know he had some opiate issues (Oxycontin, percocets, etc) and he has said that his body was in a goodly amount of pain. I'm betting that it's one of those type of issues.

Pot is only a fine, not a suspension


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Hardy really is a stupid fuck. I have never been a huge Hardy fan, like others here, but even I was rooting for him to win the WWE Championship. I think eventually he would have gotten it too, but now he can forget about it.


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It wasn't steroids. is suggesting that it was recreational or prescription (pain I'm imagining)

What a dumb ass. Makes Vince look smart for not quit epulling the trigger though. I think he was being set up to win MITB and get a title run, but he may be done with the company now for all we know.

What a dumbass.


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His push had run it's course anyway, hopefully now MVP or Kennedy win MITB. Or they use it to get Punk on a real show.


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maybe he has fibromyalgia

lingrrrgrngrngrignrg longngrolrorrrrrr!!!!


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welcome to midcard for the rest of your career, you dumb idiot.


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I've heard that his body is in pretty rough shape from past injuries. I an't see him wrestling for more than another year or 2. He was probably just trying to self medicate for one last big run and get some main event money in the bank to retire on.(Pure speculation)


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And yet Jake The Snake Roberts still continues wrestling in High School Gyms and Bingo Halls.
The real ironic part about it is that later on the same day HIS TRAILER BURNS!