Jeff Healey Blues/Rock guitarist dies at 41 of cancer


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Guy was fighting cancer since he was one..that sucks. I liked his music though.

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How the fuck am I three years older then him? Didn't he hit the scene around 1982?


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That really sucks. R I P.

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What a shame.

Caught him a few weeks ago on RAVE HD. Concert channel. He did a live Jazz session. Very good, check it out if you can.

Did a great job in Roadhouse......The name is Dalton
Hosted a Jazz show on Jazz-FM in Toronto. I was lucky enough to be able to catch the show in July of 2006 while spending a few nights off the shores of Lake Ontario.

He has been blind since birth because of the cancer that took him. Great man and guitarist. R.I.P. Jeff.


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How the fuck am I three years older then him? Didn't he hit the scene around 1982?
I know... my first thought was that he was older, but now that I am thinking about it, I do seem to recall that a lot of the guitar magazines at that time did make it point of pointing out how young he was. He was later than 82 though - mid to late 80's. I saw him while I was in college in Boston somewhere around 87/88. Road House came out in 89, so he was probably 20 or 21 in that movie.

There were a number of hotshot guitarists at that time who were in their late teens/early 20's.

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he was cool in Roadhouse.

To bad Patrick Swayze rooooned the song.


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My high school girlfriend got me into him in the late 80's. Always liked his stuff. God Speed dude.