Jeffery Dahmer was a saint...

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Compared to this guy!!!
True psycho shit here, and I never heard of him.

Chase then dragged her body to her bedroom and ***** it post-mortem while repeatedly stabbing it with a butcher knife. When he had finished, he carved the corpse open and removed several of her internal organs, using a bucket to collect the blood and then taking it in the bathroom to bathe in it. He then sliced off her nipple and drank her blood, using an empty yogurt container as a drinking glass; before leaving, he went into the yard, found a pile of dog feces, and returned to stuff it into the corpse's mouth and throat.


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Medical examiners reported an inordinate amount of semen in the corpse's rectum, indicating an "unusual amount" of ejaculations.
What a pro!


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I think Jimmy talked about this savage a while back.


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i love serial killers and reading about em.. i watched a documentary on chase way back when. i especially love "someone has stolen my pulmonary artery".. when i heard that in the documentary my brother and i repeated it for weeks to the confusion of our parents


permanent case of the Moooondays


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was he a listenner since the WNEW days?
Richard Trenton Chase (May 23, 1950 – December 26, 1980) was an American serial killer who killed six people in the span of a month in California. He earned the nickname The Vampire of Sacramento because he drank the blood of his victims and ate their internal organs. He did this as part of a delusion that he needed to prevent Nazis from turning his blood into powder via poison they had planted beneath his soap dish.
I hope the Vampire of Sacramento hunted down the journalist that coined that moniker. Makes him sound like an Anne Rice faggoty type of vampire. Then again he was scared of Nazis so maybe it was deserved.

EDIT: I just read the entire wiki article. This is officially the craziest person I've ever heard of.



I gotta return some video tapes.
For a long time I thought nobody would surpass Ed Gein. I was wrong. This guy is my new hero...
Jeeeezus,he's a fucking NOOB. Albert Fish was a fucking NUT.
Holy Shit.. that is the most disturbing thing I have ever read.. what a fucking kook