Jeffery Epstein shitstorm

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This is gonna be huge.

Preemptive damage control:

Bu-but Drumpf-

This is the civil lawyer for the Florida victims. See 5:00.
He is the only person who picked up the phone and said 'let's just talk and I'll give you all the time that you want' and gave no indication he was involved whatsoever, but had good information that helped us and we didn't have to take a deposition of him


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Follow the thread. Is Dershowitz fucked?

I'm sure this will get tons of coverage, especially if friends on the left


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Charles Ortel (@CharlesOrtel) Tweeted:
Prosecutor in 2019 Epstein Case Is Maurene Comey, Daughter of Fired FBI Director James Comey -- Who Participated in 2017 Pussy Hat March via @gatewaypundit

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With the ongoing Horowitz and Durham investigations with this as a cherry on top, I think we just may run out of popcorn.


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Look up GulfstreamGirl or GlobalGirl.


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The first Epstein I ever heard of was Juan on Welcome Back Kotter. Not a lot of Jews in the Midwest.


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If someone does, will they hear a knock on the door afterwards?
Probably not. She was a model who worked as a pilot for him for a while. Allegedly she might have been involved in recruiting young ladies for some things that are considered distasteful and illegal.


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The media do seem to be covering this story to a degree...problem is, I'm seeing this picture in alot of the stories and searches:

If the Epstein dirt does come out, they will ensure Trump gets tied into it.

Obviously...they've tried to tie Trump to Epstein in an attempt to prevent him from running/becoming POTUS. That would've been too easy. Their problem is that Trump doesn't have the same appetite for underage girls and boys the way they do:

...and it appears that Trump has tried to bring them to justice (and kicked Epstein out of Mar-A-Lago):

It's become more and more believable to me that one of Trump's objectives as POTUS is to bring these sick fucks to justice. I only hope it's successful as most of them appear to be on the far left.


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Old buddies. Old pals. Maybe Trump ain't so bad after all. :haha7:

So you're saying Trump is a pedo?? Why are you jumping to conclusions? Better him the benefit of doubt.

No. He's saying Charles Tucker is a pedo. Whoever the fuck that is.