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^^^^^^^^^^^ just incase!

youtube vid nsfw!!!

there are 60 other vids


The Art of Masking'
In this site are many pictures and video clips of me wearing a lot of self-made female masks and various sexy outfits and costumes. And I'll try to explain how you can create your own female illusion. Please come in and check out my sexy pictures and fabulous video clips! And I try to explain how I created this female illusion and show you how you can do it too.
About Me:

"Imitation is the greatest kind of admiration"
I am a great admirer of the beauty and attractiveness of women and sometimes I want to look like one.

I think it is an artform to do a realistic female illusion - and I am doing my very best to get this to perfection!?!
Don't forget: I AM A GUY!
My videos are no fakes and not touched up! I know they look like manipulations - but I promise that it is all me in the videos - me with different female masks!

If you can't believe you should go to my Female Masking Website and read all the informations about my masking technique.

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and fyi when it comes to trannies size matters, the smaller the better
the dick is 100% irrelevent. You shouldn't be concerned about or focused on the dick...

(unless you're the 'Fez Whatley' type)


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Holy fucking hell, Wackbag just became Club Fag. Goodnight folks, check please.


LDAR, bitch.
If you're attracted to a person and that person posesses a dick, no matter how small, you are gay.


virus spreader, just not the one your thinking of

anyone else look a the unmasking section and found out its a fat guy with a goatee.....:trollol: