Jesus, I know this guy....


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I know this guy, his son is a friend of a friend, kinda a douche, but his dad isn't much better. Imagine when I read this in the paper today and realized I knew him.


This photograph was entered as a court exhibit yesterday as a 62-year-old man pleaded guilty to sending phoney e-mails and letters accusing a cat charity owner - his former common-law wife - of needlessly killing kittens. The origin of this photo, which has circulated on the Internet, isn't known. The man also pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography. (supplied photo)

An Edmonton-area computer wizard has owned up to sending phoney e-mails and letters accusing a cat charity of abusing donations and needlessly killing kitties.

And if that's not bad enough, the Spruce Grove man has also admitted having a collection of child pornography.

Stewart "Stew" Bright, 62, pleaded guilty in Court of Queen's Bench yesterday to charges of sending defamatory letters and possession of child pornography.

According to agreed facts, Bright lived common-law for several years with Marjorie Hervey, president and founder of the Hervey Foundation for Cats, a Stony Plain charity for abandoned or injured cats.

While they were together, the "advanced" computer user set up an e-mail account and a website for the foundation.

The couple's relationship deteriorated in 2004 and he moved out in June 2005.

A month later he accessed the foundation website and changed the password for the e-mail account, but never informed Hervey of the change.

This meant Hervey could no longer get e-mails sent to her and Bright could also send messages from the account as if Hervey was writing them herself.

He then used the account to send himself three derogatory e-mails which were made to look as if Hervey had written them and he used them in his favour during civil court proceedings between them.

The e-mails include one in which he is referred to as a "little wimp" and has an attached picture showing a hand with a gun pointing at a kitten with its front paws up as if it is surrendering.

Bright then used a mailing list of about 600 supporters of the cat foundation to send out a libellous letter regarding Hervey and the foundation, which resulted in complaints to the RCMP and supporters withholding their donations.

The bogus letter has Bright stating he had resigned as general manager of the foundation and saying "it is with a broken heart and regret I have to inform you ..."

The letter then falsely suggests that nearly $100,000 in donations had been used by Hervey and her husband, William Hamilton, to buy booze, hairdressing, food and gifts.

The fake letter also suggests Hervey had euthanized 300 cats needlessly and had mistreated many others.

As well, it says Hervey had threatened to kill him and pointed a loaded gun at him four times.

While police were investigating the bizarre case, Hervey handed over two computer discs Bright had given her in 2001 when their relationship was in its early stages. She had put them into a drawer and forgotten about them.

According to the agreed facts, Bright had told her the CDs "would show her what he liked in bed."

Police discovered 4,363 pictures on the CDs, including 684 images of child pornography and two child porn videos.

A pre-sentence report and a psychiatric assessment were ordered and a sentencing hearing was set for Feb. 7.
Slander/libel is an imprisonable offense in Canada? Wow. What would the media do if that were the case here?