Jill TV does Soulja Boy

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"That boy can move"
- Linda Church

Again, meetings must occur between community and political leaders. This racism can not be allowed to continue.


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All i have to say is WHY.


Jill dancing with her mouth open looks like a hot waterhead.


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even though its an old segment, its still hysterical to me. i wanna superman that ho, jill.
I agree with you party rock, I mean I know its a way to lighten up the environment that they work in but when they can just break into that after some serious news segment makes you shake your head. Having a special day set aside for it is ok but outbursts too often like that can make the casual viewer think otherwise about how seriously the station takes itself as a news station. On a side note Jill had better moves than that schwoogie did.

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I'll bet she squirts with a proper deep dicking.

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I really don't see the big attraction.
Her voice is annoying as piss and she's not all that attractive.


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Cringy as hell. But, Jill is amazingly hot. The part I loved was the black dude who came in at the end in the backround, doing the "booty dance" or whatever the Hell they called it.
I love this video ...when it came out 3 months ago !


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What a god awful song why in gods fucking name would a hot chick like that bring that song to the airwaves probably not knowing that its all about fucking a chick and allegedly cuming on a chicks back and then putting a sheet on it (Superman that ho It figures that only sparkling wiggles come up with this shit!


Dumbass who posted that video to that sight called her a weathergirl.