Jim Breuer killed on Conan!


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His interview was cut short because of that stupid bitch Caroline Raye. Her interview went on and on... But Jim killed.

He went into a story about his old days at SNL. He told a story of his Dad coming on the set. They were walking in the backstage area and Johm Goodman was in a dressing room. So his pops asks him to introduce him. He says hey John this is my Dad. His father is like: "Hey John, want a beer?". So John Goodman is like: "Jim I love your Dad". So jim says stay here I'll be right back.

He comes back an hour later to see his father sitting there with this disturbed look on his face. He says Dad what's wrong? His father says come here, close the door. Then says: "Man I can't believe it, that fat bastard drank five of my Busch lights". "Those things are expensive." "The way I look at it he owes me $5.50". LMAO

That was hysterical. To hear him tell it was fucking funny as hell. Jim will be on the show tomorrow. I think his CD and DVD is going to be on sale soon at Jimbreuer.com

I can't wait for that shit. :D

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Yeah he is a funny MotherFer . I had the chance to see him live when he played Irving Plaza last December.