Jim Norton (if you want to call him a guest)


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He was hysterical today. Right off the bat he came on the show swinging. He was letting the basher's have it. Also that segment with Marion, he got her pissed. It's always good radio when you have half a retard cursing for 2 minutes straight and all we hear is dead air. The dead air itself just made me S myself. Marion = A giant lady with baby arms. Haha. :D


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Jim Norton rocks
He is one of the sweetest guys i know
and one funny fucker that has you pissing your pants...

I always go to see him at the comedy cellar
He so rocks
I saw Norton on CN8 the other night he was on some comics show and had me LMAO.
Is the finest guest consistently, he always picks his spot perfectly. He never goes too far, or makes an ass of himself.
That's why he's on so often. Plus he's a total degenerate F***. ;)
Jim Norton is just one funny motherfucker!!! I never heard him saying anything that hasnt made me crack the fuck up!!! :)


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he is also a sick fuck but that is what makes him cool