Jim Norton: March 1st-3rd - The Comedy Club, Rochester, NY


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
I'll be there with 5 other fat guys. I wonder if we should pull a Roland and order 8 tickets?


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how far away is that from Philly? I wanna go but that might be quite the commute. And yes i'm too lazy to google map it.


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364 mi, 6 hours 33 mins. Ouch! That's about a $100 in gas. Actually about $120 since I'll probably want to put the miles on the Outback. Maybe if I see some of my favorite baggers going I'll make a little mini vacation out of it. What say you Neon?

Or I could take a train and pregame... hmmmmmm I like that idea.


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Just ordered my tickets for Friday Late show! Can't Wait!