Jim Norton: Monster Rain Commercials Airing


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Right before Curb was our little buddy holding court.


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I was going to post something about it, but you beat me to it.


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Yeah, they played it right after the DL Hughley special, my DVR caught it. I don't know if it was played before that though.


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Any one who caught it able to post it to YouTube or something so the rest of us that missed it can see?


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I blame my TiVo for being so punctual. Nobody got this shit on YouTube yet? Slackers!!!


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I missed the commercial too, but found this added most recently on youtube:

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I want to have L'il Jimmy's babies
oooh who's that sweet boy?


It looks like it's going to be great - especially in glorious HD! Nice standing O by the crowd on one of the shots - a buddy of mine went to the taping in DC and said Jimmy absolutely killed.

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Hell yes! I can't wait!


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HBO also has a short clip called "The Buzz" which has an interview with Norton, during the clip you can see Anthony and Ant's girlfriend, and Keith the Cop in the audience.


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When does it air? does it air the same day the DVD comes out? I gotta know when it airs so I'll know when to pay my cable bill so they don't turn my cable off.


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I saw The Buzz too.

They interviewed him at the theater right before the show and had some good rehearsal and behind the scenes shots.

It was pretty sweet to see them on HBO. Especially Mr. Norton.

It airs next Saturday, 10/13, at 10PM EST.