Jim Norton on Paltalk 10/15/07

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Thanks to bimmle_420 for the heads up.

Jim will be on "Late Night with Ray Ellin" along with Richard Belzer.
Paltalk has teamed up with DailyComedy.com - a popular comedy website - to bring you this exclusive late-night talk show event, combining a live studio audience with the Paltalk community!
The October 15th installment will feature actor/comedian Richard Belzer from NBC's Law & Order: SVU and comedian Jim Norton of HBO's Lucky Louie and the Opie and Anthony Radio Show.
The show will be broadcast live from one of New York's most popular comedy venues, Gotham Comedy Club, where a Paltalk chat room will be simulcast alongside host and comedian Ray Ellin.
Paltalkers will have the opportunity to interact with the host, in-studio audience and guests, who will be encouraged to read what you type. Remember, you're not just watching the show, you're in it, so go crazy!
Simply log in to the Paltalk Messenger and visit the LateNet room under the Special Features category on Monday, October 15th at 8:00pm EDT to be a part of this amazing break-through in online entertainment.
Not open for further replies.