Jim Norton@Pantages Theatre(Minneapolis, MN) March 15


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Aug 14, 2000
Jim Norton will be performing at Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis , MN on March 15, 2008 at 8:00 PM.

Jim Norton Event Listing

710 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis , MN 55403

Doors: 7pm, Showtime: 8pm.
All Ages.

New Jersey native Jim Norton is a nationally-touring comedian and best-selling author who can be heard weekday mornings on the Opie & Anthony radio show. The show, which is listened to by millions of devoted fans each day, airs on both CBS and XM rad... more


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Dec 9, 2005
I'll be at this show, and I've already talked to a few other people about meeting up a couple of hours before. I'm staying at the Marriott that's a 1/2 block away, and there's a nice Irish pub a block away (across from the Target Center and First Avenue).


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Dec 9, 2005
I've been chatting on Paltalk with a variety of people about Saturday's Norton show at the Pantages, and I'd like to organize a get together. How about we all meet at O'Donovan's Irish Pub (700 1st Avenue) at 5? O'Donovan's is exactly a block west of the Pantages (across from the Target Center and First Avenue), and has a big outdoor area if by chance spring finally arrives.

If you have a better idea on what we should do, please let me know. I just thought O'Donovan's works because it's so close.


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Dec 8, 2004
Jimmy had a kick ass show tonight, although some fans did slightly get on the ol' nerves a few times screaming out constant show refrences. 'Tis funny once in a while but, we get it. Kick ass new set though.