Jim Norton!

Oct 23, 2000
First of All, Lemme say...Nice Board!!!!!!

Cozy like, intelligent and quiet. Good Job, StingRay!!!

My own little opinion is that you should keep STRONGLY moderating the board-
so that if any a-holes wanna come to this board to either flame or personally attack
O&A etc - they get checked immediately.

But -not to be off topic- let me talk about
today's show- Jim Norton is Funny as Hell in

Let me plug the guy - even though I don't know him-

I missed the Beacon- but I did see Norton at
The Comedy Cellar- The guy is INSANE!!! FUNNY as HELL!!!!!!!

Will you guys be having an after MSG/Game5 Party??!!!!!!
Oct 23, 2000
Time for us to get a few more COOL members added to this board!!

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Romeo Manson

I saw Norton last Thurs. on the show with Dice, and in the office after the show. He is one funny MF. He's got a twitch, buzz cut and a warped mind. It all adds up to funny.