Jim Norton!

First of All, Lemme say...Nice Board!!!!!!

Cozy like, intelligent and quiet. Good Job, StingRay!!!

My own little opinion is that you should keep STRONGLY moderating the board-
so that if any a-holes wanna come to this board to either flame or personally attack
O&A etc - they get checked immediately.

But -not to be off topic- let me talk about
today's show- Jim Norton is Funny as Hell in

Let me plug the guy - even though I don't know him-

I missed the Beacon- but I did see Norton at
The Comedy Cellar- The guy is INSANE!!! FUNNY as HELL!!!!!!!

Will you guys be having an after MSG/Game5 Party??!!!!!!
Time for us to get a few more COOL members added to this board!!

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Romeo Manson

I saw Norton last Thurs. on the show with Dice, and in the office after the show. He is one funny MF. He's got a twitch, buzz cut and a warped mind. It all adds up to funny.