Jim Norton's Please Be Offended (Epix on June 30)


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Its not on Cablevision.

Great advertisement. Will find a way to watch it.


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I watch Epix on my Roku Box.

This is from their web page.

Can I watch EPIX on my device?
Currently EPIX is available:

• As an app for the Xbox 360
• As an app for your iOS device
• The Spotlight on your Google TV
• An app for your Android 2.1 or later device
• The Channel Store on your Roku
• An app for your BlackBerry PlayBook


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Don't get Epix on Cablevision here.
Big A on the ad...like Jimmy hiding next to him... is that Jimmy's Dad as the guy with Alzheimers?

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jimmy has many chins!



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Doesn't seem to be on Directv, I'm downloading the app on xbox, but I'm assuming you have to subscribe to the channel through a cable service to utilize the app?


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Alright, it appears that the epix apps come with a 14-day free trial, so if you have a 360 or one of the other platforms, apparently you can grab the show that way.


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The Huffington Com-Post posted about Yimmys special on Epix. Nothing negative, but maybe saying he was making fun of AL Sharpton is enough to enrage the readers of this Rag.

Jim Norton Al Sharpton

Comedian Jim Norton isn't one for political correctness, so the title of his new special, "Please Be Offended," comes as no surprise.

Seriously: we're lucky he even said "please."

In this exclusive clip from the special, which premieres on Epix this Saturday, Norton sounds off on one of his least favorite people: Al Sharpton. Norton recently found himself on the same flight as the reverend and MSNBC pundit and had some pretty dark thoughts about how the scenario could unfold.

Watch the clip above and catch "Please Be Offended" in full on Epix June 30 at 10:00 p.m. EST.


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Some pretty funny PSA's for Jimmy's special:



This one's got uhBig-AAAaaay!

I chuckle watching Big-A waddle off at the end. He's smiling.


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Someone please start a watching thread.


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The stream on their website taken direct from his twitter doesn't work.

EPIX FAIL there.
yup, shit don't work. i see a stage with a stool but no yimmy.


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This is almost as good as when I saw it live, save for Jimmy, the jokes, and the laughs.


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Someone please start a watching thread.
Now that's funny. As if it could be watched. I wonder if Jimmy is raging backstage again?


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all that promoting...and it doesn't even fucking work.


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From EpixHD: Hang tight folks. We are working on a fix and should have @JimNorton back up and running in just a few minutes. Thanks for the patience.
You don't need a special device to watch. Their site crashed and that's why we can't see the special.


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Good stuff so far. I've seen Jimmy many times so it's not
all new to me but I always love Jimmy's act.