Jim & Sam May - End of 2018

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Here is a portrait of what a truly sad, lonely little man Jim Norton is.

A 50 year-old man in a soulless, joyless apartment that probably cost him well over a million dollars, and a kitchen that has never been used.

dont believe yhattis hos apartment. in the past he haa talked about all his autographs and shit on the walls
Troy's band has a new song that will be appearing in an Ebay commercial and an upcoming animated Spider-Man movie.
The show got some press coverage for Sharon Osbourne telling them that Les Moonves had bad breath that is "probably" gingivitis and that she hasn't spoken to Julie Chen since she left "The Talk."

Jim was invited to Ozzy's 70th birthday party but can't go because it's in LA and he has a live Chip show booked in Philadelphia the next day.