Jimmy's Borders Book Signing Pictures w/ Opie & Anthony


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Here's some of the pictures I took today at Jimmy's book signing.

The originals are much bigger so if you see yourself and want a large copy just send me a private message with you email and it's yours.

I was early

Too early

Turns out I was in the wrong waiting area

Interesting book arrangement



Get 'em while they're hot

Kenny was casing the joint

I think he just enjoys going for the stair ride.

The line starts to head out side in the heat and humidity....it was awful

More to come


Get 'em while they're hot
This guy says he's an intern with K-Rock and was interviewing folks.

Here's Jason...the security guy telling folks where they'll sign...turns out he was wrong.

Flea shows up late and had to wait out side...he's use to that

Haa Haa



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Keith shows up..

Keith falls for McDonaldMouth's "You dropped something" line

Look, it's Abner.....inside joke.
This dolt was walking around the store playing like Kenny did on the escalator.

McDonaldMouth's a pisser at these things.

See what I mean...check out the name of the book (One Thousand White Women)


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My Brother DarthMode

The crowd outside

More to come....gotta re-boot BRB
thats a good looking rican. anywhere the spanish and portugese colonized = good looking women
That's not Francine....and I think she's Spanish.
They all look the same, so it's hard to tell.

How come Jimmy wasn't in the middle? Lets start a speculation/divide and conquor thread!

"Opie lost his V, and looks tired. Ant is skinny."

I just wanted to jump on it before anyone else had the chance to, that way when Op mentions it on the air I can pretend he's talking about me.

I needed more hugs from family (less from Uncles) when I was a kid.


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Deb and Elmo

Look who I found....QTie seemed tired but still looks good in pictures


Jim T.

Calmo, calmo...
In the middle of the greeting cards, that's awesome.


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Stalker Patty

One of these girls are Travis...Tee Hee

Kenny hoping for the book to have Colorful Pop Ups....Chinless Fuck

Florentine showed up but he didn't turn when called.
Elmo looks like a problem. is he the one that wanted to fly to chicago and assault mancow?


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Wow...nice crowd...got mine in the mail from Amazon today...Wish i could have been down there for the signing
I was in the middle of the line (thanks to Misteriosa for letting me cut in line)

There were a lot more people later on.

I was talking to Mellinda about stuff, when a homeless guy comes up and starts going off about us. He asks if she's my girlfriend and she replys "he's gay" and I told him that I broke up with my boyfriend Fez Whatley recently. He sold us newspapers (thank you Mellinda for buying it lol) and goes on his way.

Mike H from .net


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I was looking for Ack's Grl, wanted to ask her something...Oh well.


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I love Jimmy, but unless he's gonna jump up on a UK stage and display his boyish junk, I don't think he's gonna pass Harry for #1.