Jimmy's IMDB board is getting hit by Stern fans...

Jimmy's page on IMDB is getting a weak attack by some Stern fans, if you can post there maybe we can help the fella out.



Wackbag's version of The Miz
So what do you want us to do? Attack Artie's board on imdb?


White Death
This one made me loff:

Why can't everyone realize that they are 2 different shows. This horses**t arguing over who copies who and who is a hack is juvenile at best. Howard was a pioneer in radio and did pave the way for humorous adult talk radio but that doesn't mean he patented it. O and A are the next generation of adult radio and bring a level of humor that has been missing for the last few years on Howard's show. Just because the 2 shows don't get along doesn't mean either show is better than the other. O and A are in their prime and Howard seems to be coasting into the last few years of his career. That being said, I think everyone can agree that Robin is an ignorant hole.

the Streif

No, no reason to do that. I know that at one time Artie was funny. Hell, he might even still be funny now even though he's a bloated looking fuck. I wouldn't know, I haven't listened to him in years(I.E. since I discovered O and A back in 98). What needs to be done is to have Norton's IMDB page corrrrrrrrrrrrrrected. That's my opinion.
Nope, just post how much we love the little fella and get those stern fan threads off the front page.
Support Jimmy... not attack someone else? You mean be FOR someone instead of just against someone? Uh, I am so confused.

Maybe it could work... just... maybe... NOOOO, TOO CONFUSING!!!!

Im gonna ...Attack ....someone ....for ....ummm ...somethin ???