Joan Rivers talks too much!!!

Ok so here i am not able to find something to watch on tv during a boring Saturday afternoon. I pass E and there is Joan Rivers doing one of those best/worst dressed shows about the grammys. I am looking at this friggin asshole Joan Rivers and she looks more and more like something from Rubbermaid.
It pisses me off who the hell is she to sit there and talk about who is wearing what and what looks good. Fuck her and her co-hosts her daughter and that fag i saw nothing but hot girls dressed in barely nothing and these homos are saying they hated there clothes fuck them. Its not right have these people taken time to look in the mirror at themselves lately.


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I totally agree with you IOHN. I think that alot of ppl have no room to talk about others. In reality if you're saying something bad about someone you feel bad about yourself.

"Is it true chicks fart when you blast 'em in the ass?"
"Fuck,Fuck,Fuck a duck.Screw a kangaroo.Finger an orgy at the zoo!"
"She's a slut...BONNNNNG!"
You got it BB. She is so ugly i cant stand how they just sit there and make fun of how these people dress. Everyone has there own taste. They are just a bunch of Fn Tools.