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When a murder trial becomes a televisual happening, somehow the public aspects become almost as significant as the legal ones. We're always told the jurors don't know what's happening in the media, but we wonder that they may have known more than they let on before being selected. Then there are the defendants and the prosecutors. Each tries to gain some sort of sway in the public eye -- perhaps on a just-in-case basis. There now, though, seems to be an usual twist in the trial that is currently capturing popular eyes -- that of Jodi Arias. She stands accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in 2008. The evidence appears, to many lay eyes, damning. Arias has changed her explanation of the events. First, she said there had been masked intruders. Two years later, she admitted she'd killed him, but said she'd acted in self-defense. Now, despite spending her days in court and nights in jail, she is offering her thoughts via Twitter. Via a friend.

and here it is:

Hog's Big Ben

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