Joe DeRosa's Kitten(KKTITN) Tattoo


Is alive.
Wackbag Staff
As discussed on today's show/after show:
Joe Derosa is a huge fan of George Carlin. He called into his friend's college radio show and they talked for about 7 minutes. George Carlin told Joe Derosa to "Keep Kicking Them In The Nuts". So that was his inspiration for the roman font faced KKTITN. It looked k k k ish so he tried to fix it. He tried to "fix" it by outlining it and adding something that might be a microphone instead of highlights that the artist wanted. The resulting tattoo is more of what Joe DeRosa wanted than what the tattoo artists wanted.



I'm Team Piggy!
My first thought was worst KMFDM tattoo ever.



deftones or somefuckin' body
I saw somebody describe it as a cigar and now I can't see it as anything else.

It is a truly awful tattoo.


That's incredibly awful.
Like, should be submitted to one of those 'worst tattoo shows'


I'm wasting my life here
How about instead of hanging around the $2.00 tattoo parlour, you use that time to a) hit the gym, and b) work on material?


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
It actually has nothing to do with George Carlin or Kittens. It is a long forgotten Wackbag Prophecy:

Konstantin K Turns In To Neckbeard


LDAR, bitch.
He got some girl arms. Damn.

Hey Joe, what are those strings hanging off your shirt? Ohhhh sorry, those are your arms.


I'm Team Piggy!
Joe should just get a giant black cock tat to cover it.
I think a Black Panther would be the traditional cover up here, right?

Which might look even douchier than the original douchtastic tattoo on DeRosa. No win scenario on that tattoo.

Gonna have to be laser removal.


I Think I'll Eat An Apple
On the bright side, when you look up "KK Titten" in Google images, you do get some nice shots of tits.

And here I thought it sound like an old timey elixir salesman.


I can keep rhythm with no metronome...
DeRosa is hateable on so many levels. He added another one with these stupid fucking tattoos.


Here'sh The Thing
Joe DeRosa, Joe DeRosa.
Makes Buddy Young Jr. look like Kaiser Sousa!


it's a man, baby!!!
ok I will host this horrible tattoo picture

now that I see it I will never waste my money going to see him live

this bad decision, along with almost every other decision he has ever made is going to destroy his career

ESD can be proud of his hack tats (except for the Wackbag one of course) compared to Derosa



What's black and white and red all over?
I tried an image search and got

Results are included for kitten.
Show just the results for kktitn.
What kind of stroke would you need to have to spell kitten kktitn?
my fav esd tat.

a truely gifted tatoo artist there. i hope the "artist" is retired from inking fools. no would ever guess thats a
tat. That artist should be beaten.

lol at ron getting retards to do retarded shit.


There is a good chance I am blocking you.
Didn't get a chance to listen to the show, was Joe defending that horrible tattoo or did he admit it sucked?


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Wackbag Staff
Looks like a tattoo of a cigarette some one initialed.

Wear long sleeved shirts deeck. That looks like shit.