Joe Dirt SUCKS. Suprised?


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For me, I was not with all those lame promos and O&A reading the review of the movie.
I must go see Josie and The Pussycats tommorrow or Friday on my day off.


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There Really has not been any good movies lately so I am still waiting to see good ones come out...
But I do want to Rent the Jet Lee's Fist Of Legend the fight Scenes Fucking rock I saw one preveiw when I was in Virgin Records in the city last sat and it was fucking amazing


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I bet that I will love joe dirt when it comes on pay-per-view. I would never go to the movies to see it.


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Definetly agree that joe dirt suX donkey NUTZ!!! didnt even see it, dont wanna see it, and david spade suX!!!
For what its worth he should really do 2 things with his career. 1. He should try and dig up Chris Farley and do a movie with his corpse. But since i dont think that will happen the 2nd thing he should do with his career is just die get in the coffin already.