Joe Kittinger Parachutes for Highest Skydive -As heard on ONA [Merged]

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Capt. Joseph Kittinger USAF - Space Skydiver

A whole bunch of vids on YouTube, just do a search for his name.





Freaking sick, he had a pair of brass ones.


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He was on a show about early space flight on Discovery Channel a few years ago. They gave him Astronaut wings because he was so high.


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Ummmmm. Merged.


There's nothing quite like a shorn scrotum.
Sorry SOS ... ya beat me to it ..... by a whole bunch of hours!

Thanks BCH, I did my usual "New Post" link to get the latest and missed this one.


What's black and white and red all over?
When you are hurtling towards solid cloud cover at 600 mph, do you ever wonder if it is really clouds, or just ground fog?
They should have lined the bottom of space shuttle COLUMBIA with Joe Kittinger
This video and event is just insane, like the Bbboys were saying how is this guy not a household name?

I didn't even know this happened until yesterday's show, and those pussies John Glenn and Neil Armstrong are re-known