Joe Rogan on XM Comedy this Wednesday - 3 AM ET Thursday - 8 PM ET


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Joe Rogan is susposed to be on XM Comedy on Friday at 10 pm EST 6/22.

The Friday Night Specials
Friday - 10 PM ET

Stand Up and Sit Down features sit down interviews and stand up routines with today's biggest names like Bill Cosby, Robert Schimmel, Mitch Hedberg, John Pinette, and Brian Regan.

New Comic on The Block presents uninterrupted and uncensored concerts by today's hot new up and coming comic.

The Rascals Comedy Clubs showcases concerts from the World Famous Rascals Comedy Clubs.

Tuesday - 8 AM ET
Wednesday - 3 AM ET
Thursday - 8 PM ET

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don't trust me, i'm lying to you
just heard the promo on xm. this one's a little different. they're doing a "stand-up sitdown" with him, sure, but they're debuting his new album... very cool.


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For anyone that is protesting, XM has 3 day trial subscriptions online.


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cool. can't wait to listen on my pioneer that I didn't blowtorch.


El hombre de los moleculos!
Anyone catch this?

I recorded it, and I'm listening to it right now. He's destroying Mencia again. Good shit.


He loves you, and he needs money.
i heard it. he killed as usual. rogan rules. you can tell hes hates talking about mencia now though. seems like he wants to put it all behind him. and not be known for that bullshit