Joe Rogan Today at 5pm (8pm Eastern) On Tom Leykis

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Apr 27, 2005
I was thinking about going to see Rogan tonight in HOB in Vegas but can't tonight and went on his website to see if he'd be there tomorrow. He's not; but his website says he'll be on today's Tom Leykis show.

Listen Live KLSX Los Angeles

I can't stand Tom either, but the show airs 3pm to 7pm here out west (6pm to 10pm Eastern), but Joe says he'll be going in hour number 3 at 5pm. Hearing Rogan on the radio is great, and it's still worth it even through all of Leykis' "hyuk, hyuk, hyuks." Maybe I'll call up and see if I can't drop an O&A reference to see if it gets dumped out.

Edit: Checked out Tom's website and I guess some chick has been pissing on his front door. :icon_mrgr
$1000 reward if you recognize the chick and she gets arrested.