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were any of his points valid?

many of us thought the show immediately after the XM suspension was classic o and a, the early days of wnew when they didnt give a fuck. this whole weeks' been great with riffing on the news and Ants awful childhood stories.

nothing could possibly convince manelli that the show is sounding great right now because of his complete bias and bitterness

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I would say that the last two months, the show has been on fire. It started to get really funny a two weeks before the suspension and has continued without a dull show since.

Opie has never been funnier. I don't know what happened. Maybe it was the extra sleep he got over the suspension, but if Opie throwing out killer lines for the last 2 months doesn't show their humming right along, I don't know what does.

There have been dull shows in the past and I know the difference; and I haven't heard a lame show in a long time.

Here's an example for Manelli, it was a lame show when they had to go home early because Ant was hung over. Ant was tired all day and then they didn't do an XM show. So we know when they suck.


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Very good points! Opie has been absolute killer lately, Jimmy as usual is perfect and Anthony as well has been right on target= very quick,,everybody is mixing perfectly and all in all the show has NEVER EVER been better:clap: Right now feels like it did back in the beginnin of the WBCN days when people really started to "get it",,,i've been saying it recently and here it is again I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW NUMBERS TO COME OUT,,,,and even more so the numbers after these!!!! It's official they are back and better than ever!

oh one more thing,,,,I really think the xm thing put it over the edge for them,,they made news when they got all of hoo hoo's old stations but what happened with xm united US THE PESTS and brought o and a to the mainstream again.


manelli is a douch




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Manelli's "let the fans decide" maybe right if we don't get our ratings up. We need better promotion on both XM and regular radio!

Show is definetly better than when they first came to freefm, but not as good as when they were on XM only!
everything he said was false in my opinion, and he actually contradicted many of his own points during the phone call

he said they arent rebels anymore, 4 shows after they came off a 30 day suspension, defending one of manellis shows jv and elvis.

he said they dont talk about their childhood anymore. they pointed out recent bits completely contradicting that, and manelli agreed.

he said the same about riffing on the news, they pointed out recent examples, and again manelli agreed they were good bits.

so whats his point? he lost his argument horribly. we are brutally honest as a fan base when we dont like what we hear, and the show has been great for some time now.


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It's so obvious the guy's just jealous and bitter that they still have a job and he doesn't. I guess on some level he actually expected them to say something like "Hey if Manelli's gone, we're gone! Take that!"

What a dumb shit.
Opie said that the show has been better after the format change, meaning it's better without Manelli.

IMO the show was just a good before the format change, no difference, meaning Manelli had zero effect on the show whether employed or unemployed. Fuck'em!
This is funny as hell. He's requesting bits now?
"The bobcat guy also gave Anthony a chance to do his Schwarzenegger impression."

And what does that even mean? Where does the Arnold impression even fit in?


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After they got suspended, they couldn't comment on anything controversial with censorship and all that kind of stuff. They couldn't talk about their suspension, or how it was affecting them.

All they could do was good radio - make jokes about what was happening in the news. They did impressions. They did everything that has made the show simply awesome since the day they got suspended.


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John was the only one that gave me a reply during the suspension.

Tool or not at least he did that much.

However the show has been awesome lately. As good if not better than WNEW.

I would, however, not mind them going back to satalite only. Too many fucking commercials and now XM is playing shorter bits between breaks.

FM radio sucks balls!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry I'm not the uber fans you guys are. Sure there were some fine moments but I thought the show kind of blew during the suspension. Like there was a space alien sitting in the middle of the room and they weren't allowed to talk about it. Totally understandable but true non the less.

They were obviously making their best effort and it's amazing they did as good as they did with an axe hanging over their necks. Same with Ron.

It's noticeably better now that they are back on XM. But I'm a little disappointed they didn't really go off on the whole suspension thing. The OJ bit yesterday was one of their best bits ever.
Not only that, but you're not saying one thing that comes close to controversial or compelling.

So I guess they really were on vacation for 30 days. Nope. No suspension here.



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Wow, this fuckin' cunt! He's like the little faggoty kid at the playground who wouldn't get picked to play in the ball games, and would sit on the sidelines and try to talk badly about the kids who ARE playing. What a fucking little pussy.


I'm a listener from the WAAF days and in my opinion, the past couple months of radio has been classic O&A and some of the funniest shit I've heard from them in a while. Pot-talk Monday ruled btw :)

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This is funny as hell. He's requesting bits now?
"The bobcat guy also gave Anthony a chance to do his Schwarzenegger impression."

And what does that even mean? Where does the Arnold impression even fit in?
I don't think he was requesting a bit so much as referring to one. Anthony did his Arnold impression when they were talking to the guy saying something like, "Did you suddenly feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger and say, 'AAuugh, I'm Dale Rippy and I'm here to choke you OOUUT.'"

Here's a link to the story with pics of the "Ferocious Cat" and the Dale himself,2933,284635,00.html

This will be somebody's sig pic or avatar by the end of the day...


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The only thing I agree with the douche on is that Marge was boring as hell. I didn't really find any of the bit funny. I heard it live on the way to work, and then when listening to my MyFi on the way home I just skipped past it.

Other than that - the show has been great.


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Here's the link. Got this from the listening thread (thanks to alclark).
-- The bobcat guy also gave Anthony a chance to do his Schwarzenegger impression. This was a delightful extra benefit since (1) Anthony so seldom does anything clever anymore and (2) so few people do that particular impression. Kudos.
WTF? Ant seldomly does anything clever anymore? i thought that Ant carried the show and Opie just pushed buttons on his board. ;)

and few people do a Schwarzenegger impression? is he kidding with this? come on, even i can do a decent Schwarzenegger. it's one of the most overused impressions ever! it's funny when Ant does it because of the material he can bring to it.

and this guy is supposed to know radio? right now, even people on a damn message board know that the Schwarzenegger impression has been hacky for a long time, so that instantly makes us more knowledgable in radio (and pop culture in general) than you, Mainelli. shut up, douche.