John Stamos drunk on Australian TV show.


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Aug 10, 2006
Paramus, NJ
Ambien was allegedly the cause of this instant classic appearance.

John Stamos has blamed Ambien for his behavior on a couple of Australian talk shows recently. John told Us Weekly that he barely slept before the interview and only got 2 hours of sleep.

He said, “I took Ambien at 5 a.m. and got up at 7 a.m. I was OK and did a few radio interviews. Then I had a break at 10 a.m. I dozed off and couldn’t wake up. Security banged on the door, shook me and woke me up. They threw a jacket on me and put me in front of the camera. I did three or four interviews after that, and no one said a word. It was a weird very out of character hour of my life."

John said it had nothing to do with booze and he's only had about 10 drinks in the past year. He also said that he got plenty of shit from his family and friends.

John was sent home from Australia after a few loopy interview including the one above.