John W. Lindh: Poor Misguided Brain-Washed so He should be let go


Is alive.
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Lindh should be hanged as a traitor to our country and not taken back as poor and misguided person because he is neither. I hate ass-f lawyers who are greedy bastards. :mad:


CNN) – The fate of American Taliban John Walker has been up for debate since his capture last month in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan.

CNN's Jack Cafferty spoke with Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff, who reports that trained at al Qaeda terrorist camps.

Here's a transcript of their conversation.

JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: When American John Walker was captured fighting for the Taliban, the president described him as "a poor fellow." Then his father, Frank, came on this show, and others, asking Americans not to rush to judgment of his son.

Now, Newsweek magazine is reporting that John Walker was no innocent in Afghanistan.

Joining us now with more is Newsweek's Michael Isikoff. Michael ... let me read you a little quote out of the piece. "According to administration sources" -- these are people that you've talked to – "he also admitted to being a member of al Qaeda, training at its camps. He participated in terrorist exercises, including learning to use explosives and poisons. He met with visiting al Qaeda officials, including Osama bin Laden. also admitted he was instructed in how to act in airports, so as not to attract police attention."

So which is he? Misguided youth, or willing terrorist?

MICHAEL ISIKOFF, NEWSWEEK: Well, certainly I think these debriefings of him by Pentagon people -- by military people in Afghanistan -- kind of raise some questions about at least some of the initial accounts from his father, and even the president's words, describing him as a "poor fellow." I think these debriefings, as they circulated last week, were pretty startling to a lot of administration officials.

We knew he obviously was fighting with the Taliban. His father suggested he was sort of in the wrong place at the wrong time. But admitting he was actually engaging in training at terrorist camps and terrorist exercises throws a whole new cloud on that.

And this is also going to be interesting, because you've got a lot of administration people here closely looking at what to do with him, whether to charge him, what to charge him with. Attorney General John Ashcroft asked for a list of crimes he could be charged with, and wanting to know whether they carry the death penalty.

On the other hand, you have some administration officials who say he may be more useful as a cooperating witness for getting top al Qaeda people in military tribunals, if we indeed capture them. So there's...

CAFFERTY: I'm sorry to interrupt, but New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani weighed in on the subject over the weekend. You were talking about Attorney General John Ashcroft and this debate that seems to be going on what to do with Walker, what to charge him with, if anything, and what punishment is appropriate. Here's what the mayor of New York had to say:

GIULIANI: I don't know all the facts of the case, but I certainly think that serious consideration should be given to the maximum penalty that the law allows. And when you commit treason against the United States of America, particularly at a time when the United States of America is in peril of attack and further attack, I believe the death penalty is the appropriate remedy to consider.

CAFFERTY: We're talking with Michael Isikoff of Newsweek magazine. And, Mike, there seems to be some question -- and I don't know why I find this amusing -- about him not being given his Miranda rights at the time that he was captured.

ISIKOFF: Exactly. This is going to be a fascinating legal issue that people at the Justice Department and the Pentagon are wrestling with right now. Walker was debriefed by military people for at least the first week, who were questioning him for tactical information on the battlefield. Remember, he was fighting with the Taliban. He could describe where Taliban troops had been, and they needed tactical battlefield information. It was in the course of that debriefing that he made a lot of these admissions.

Now the problem is, can you use them in a court of law -- especially a civilian court of law -- if he's prosecuted by the Justice Department.

His lawyer has been making an issue about this and saying he is going to challenge the use of any of that information, because he was not read his Miranda rights, he did not have a lawyer present.

CAFFERTY: It's fascinating stuff, and I would recommend it to our viewers
Giuliani's Take

NEW YORK (CNN) -- New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani weighed in Sunday on the fate of an American captured with Taliban fighters, and he came down heavy.

Prosecutors, he said, should consider pursuing the death penalty against John Walker Lindh.

Lindh, 20, a native of the San Francisco, California, area, was discovered after he survived a prisoner uprising at Mazar-e Sharif last month. He and several hundred non-Afghan Taliban troops had surrendered to Northern Alliance forces days before they staged a deadly and unsuccessful prisoner revolt at a compound in northern Afghanistan.

"I don't know all the facts of the case, but I certainly think that serious consideration should be given to the maximum penalty that the law allows," Giuliani said.

"When you commit treason against the United States of America, particularly at a time when the U.S. is in peril of attack and further attack, I believe the death penalty is the appropriate remedy to consider."

Before he became mayor, Giuliani earned recognition as a federal prosecutor known for his tough and comprehensive crackdown on criminals, especially organized crime. He brought this mentality to City Hall, effectively decreasing crime in New York during his tenure.

Walker could be an example to others who may consider taking up arms with American enemies, Giuliani said.

The death penalty is "justified and (an) effective deterrent for other people doing the same thing," Giuliani said.

Lindh is currently in U.S. custody aboard the USS Pelileu in the Arabian Sea, having been transferred there earlier this week after stays at a U.S. Marine base in southern Afghanistan.

Gen. Tommy Franks, chief of U.S. forces in Southwest Asia, said Saturday that no decision has been made on Lindh's future. Described as a "battlefield detainee," Lindh could face a variety of charges in either a U.S. civilian court or a military tribunal.
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There is no excuse for that fucking kid.
He is total scum and he is a trader to the USA.Hang this fucker the whole way and give him no reason to live.
What kind of parents let their son go to Yemen at age 17? And who allows their child to go to friggin' Afganistan and train in a terrorist camp? Hang him, and his stupid pc parents.. :mad:


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I say we just put two to his head and that's that :D :D


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LYNDH better be delt with.
Lynch the dickhead.


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Good one, Harry. I didn't think to dissect his Muslim name this way. Lindh is the name John Walker got when he joined the Taliban. Reminds me of Patty Hearst who was nicknamed "Tanya"... Another story. This kid should be tried for treason. He betrayed his country and fought against his compatriots. There's no excuse for this. Unless the kid is messed up in the head. His parents sure seem to be. I'll bet they'll run with temporary insanity plea or some other loophole. Those lawyers are good at finding them. Otherwise how can you explain that OJ isn't behind bars? :confused:
Why can't we just leave Johnny Taliban in Afghanistan with the Northern Alliance? I'm sure they know what to do with him. Why should that piece of shit get a fair fucking trial here in the U.S.? Didn't he relenquish his citizenship when he took up arms against the U.S.? That punk joined Al Qaeda & the Taliban knowing he would become a terrorist, He was a member on 9-11!!! He probably jumped up & down, wagging his tounge when the towers fell!!! The thought of this scumbag getting book deals makes me sick. let him rot in an afghani prison for the rest of his life. spare us the injustice of letting this traitorous, terrorist animal set foot on American soil again. :mad: :mad:


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The thought of this scumbag getting book deals makes me sick.
Just wait till the scumbag gets a movie deal with Paramount Pictures or other monster whale studio :eek: and they get someone like Tom Cruise to play him. :mad: I'll bet it's already in the works.


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LYNDH better be delt with.
Lynch the dickhead.
That's hysterical DH. I agree with all of you. He should either hung or be left to the Northern Alliance for them to do what they think is right, but that would never happen. It's also sad that he will sell a book. I would never buy, even if I were remotely intrigued by it, which I am not. Fuck him and his story. As far as I can see he studied the wrong religion. I hope American people turn their backs on him and his book. He doesn't deserve a penny for backstabbing his country.

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Am i the only one the notice that we have not heard any thing about him as of late:confused:
yeah you are right Army........hmmm maybe he's being anally violated in a prison somewhere


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How about, we put him in a high-rise, add a couple of gallons of jet fuel.... ignite it..... and in about an hour, collapse the building with HIM still in it... All the while the firemen, policemen and survivors just stand by and watch.... Make sure to put his parents right in the front so they don't miss anything!!!! Son of a bitch! He needs to die the most painful way possible! Okay, I'm done now.... thanks for the vent! ;)


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FUCKING RICH KID... send him to like Southwest DC or Brownsville Brooklyn with a white hood on let them take care of the goverments light work seriously this kid needs to be fucking killed...


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Hey now O & A in FL - I live up here still - he's in the jail in Alexandria, VA right now.... I think he'll end up like Dahlmer,
"Oops," said the Corrections Officer, "Was I supposed to keep him from the other inmates - am I bad?" And, with any luck, the same will happen to f'n Andrea Yates & Susan Smith..... it's just a matter of time...............;) I work with CO's...