John Wiley Sheeeeeeeeeit

So this is our own, personal Senator Sheeeeit here in Dallas. He's been fucking things up all over the place since I was a kid, and he's finally getting serious attention, apparently.

There's not a whole lot to sink your teeth into yet, but today was a huge coup. FBI raided everyone from the top down in his organization, seized financials, everything.

DALLAS — Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price's personal financial statements, a required disclosure for elected officials, reveal his real estate portfolio has doubled in the last 12 months.
As FBI agents fanned out in Dallas Monday morning, the third floor of the County Records Building was among their first stops. Federal agents seized the original filings of Price's personal financial statements which are retained there.
News 8 obtained and reviewed copies of the same documents dating back to 2002.
Elected officials are required to file the statements which disclose where they get their money, the property they own, and interests they have.
During the last decade, Price only had one job — Dallas County Commissioner.
He disclosed a handful of money market accounts and mutual funds, but the documents show he never received a single gift.
Last year, however, the Commissioner's real estate portfolio doubled. Price went from owning three properties to seven.
According to the Dallas County Central Appraisal District, the market value of all seven parcels is $748,530. Many of the properties are near his North Oak Cliff home.
It remains uncertain how — or if — any of this plays into the current investigation, or even why FBI agents wanted to review these documents.

This looks like it could get fun. All channels here are blowing up.