Jon "Bones" Jones arrested for driving uner the influence of Gin & Juice


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UFC champion Jon Jones arrested on DUI charge, management 'still gathering facts'
by Dann Stupp and John Morgan on May 19, 2012 at 1:50 pm ET
One of the biggest and most marketable stars in the UFC has been arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Jon Jones, the UFC's reigning light-heavyweight champion, was arrested early this morning after crashing his Bentley in Binghamton, N.Y.

Jones' management team confirmed the arrest today but stated, "The facts of this situation are still being gathered and situated."

The Broome County Sheriff's department reportedly took Jones, 24, into custody earlier today at approximately 5 a.m. ET, according to According to the report, he crashed his car into a utility pole, and his mom bailed him out a few hours later. ( could not immediately reach UFC officials for comment, but Jones' management team released a statement.

"I can confirm that Jon Jones was arrested early this morning on suspicion of DUI," stated manager Malki Kawa. "While the facts of this situation are still being gathered and situated, First Round Management fully supports Jon, and we are asking for fans and media to respect the privacy of Jon and his family during this time."

Kawa stated that neither Jones nor his representatives will grant any interviews at this time.

However, a representative told Jones wasn't injured in the crash.

Jones (16-1 MMA, 10-1 UFC) most recently fought at and headlined UFC 145 on April 21, when he defeated rival Rashad Evans via unanimous decision. It marked his seventh straight victory and his third consecutive title defense.

The arrest is unlikely to result in any type of punishment from the UFC. Fellow fighter Ross Pearson, for example, was arrested in Las Vegas on suspicion of DUI earlier this month. UFC president Dana White condemned anyone who drinks and drives but said Pearson wouldn't be pulled from an upcoming card.

"I'm a realist," White said. "You can't expect all these people to be perfect. I understand they're role models. They're human beings. They're going to make mistakes. I'm one of those guys that believes we're all going to make mistakes – it's how you handle it after you make that mistake that tells you who you really are."

Jones' fight with Henderson takes place Sept. 1 in Denver
I guess Rampage didn't have any energy drinks to lend him....
If you can afford a Bentley, you can afford a driver.

Millionaires that get DUI's should have all their money taken away from them. Fucking idiot.


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The story is getting better and better.

Police Report From Jon Jones' Prior Run-In With The Law For Suspended License And 'Loss Of Traction'

As a follow-up to this weekend's story of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones' arrest for driving while under the influence of alcohol, word began to leak of Jon having ran into some prior issues with the law while behind the wheel. After seeing a report on Saturday of this incident, we awaited word from the Albuquerque Police Department and we now have confirmation that it was legitimate so we have provided a copy of the police report from a November 24, 2011 incident. Jon was pulled over for flying around a corner in his car and losing traction before pulling into the parking lot of a "fully nude club" (Fantasy World).The police pulled him over in the parking lot and ran his license, they then realized it was suspended and, as a result, Jones' car was towed. The charges were dismissed in a March 8, 2012 trial (as pointed out by The MMA Corner).
Then you have this 16 year old girl who posted a pic on her tweeter of her driving his Bentley:

Apparently she's a lifeguard where Jones goes to swim when he's in Albuquerque. She asked if she could drive his car and Jones being the nice guy that he is, said ok.

Here's Jones with the girl:

Just the girl

Next time Jones goes on O&A, maybe him and Anthony can compare notes...

Here's what Jones said about his accident on his Facebook:

Jon Jones said:
"Man I haven't added anyone new to my Facebook page in like three years and right now I'm so glad that I haven't. It has literally been sickening to have so many people try to kick me while I'm down. At the same time, I totally understand, I gave them the leeway to. I screwed up, big time. Just needed to say thank you to all you guys for being amazing friends/supporters.

Always having to deal with so many critics, haters and fickle mma fans, I almost forgot how strong of a home base I had (607 and people that knew me before I was a champion fighter). Although the hell that will come with this hasn't even started yet, I want you guys to know how much better you've all made me feel, not only about this situation but about life, everything. It's good to feel that people are there and care. With that being said, I felt I should apologize to you first.

I'm truly sorry to those of you that I may have embarrassed in any way, to those of you with kids that I may have let down. I will prove to them as well as to myself, that no matter what is happening in life, we can always work our way back and make things even better than before. Reading you guys uplifting comments was a great reminder for me to not give up on who I am or all the hateful people. I'm not gonna allow this situation to outweigh the positive. I love you guys right back and I promise to make things right. PS sorry about the terrible grammar :)"
And finally:

If you can afford a Bentley, you can afford a driver.

Millionaires that get DUI's should have all their money taken away from them. Fucking idiot.

It really is a Volkswagen in disguise but maybe that's beside the point.