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I am posting this here because I don't want it to go unnoticed. The daily show was on tonight, it was his first show since the tragedy. He opened the show up with his own words, he did his best to fight the tears back. He was so real, he was pouring his heart out and it really hit me. He spoke the words that I want to say, but my brain is fried. You have to watch the replay to know what I mean. Unless you have seen it.

It's classy people like him that make me want to take a bat and smash Bill Mahr's egotistical, insensitive face. There are people who really care about this country. We are not all politicians, not to say they don't care, but you all know there are politicians out there that are thinking about themselves and their party. Bill Mahr is a poor excuse for an American. Jon Stewart said something that Bill Mahr is too much of a fool to realize.

"We are given a privilege by this country to poke fun and criticize publicly without the fear of being punished."

He added: "This is something we here(@thedailyshow) do not take for granted"

That scumbag Bill Mahr does not even take that into account. He his a soulless prick. He does not realize what America is all about. He would not have a job if it were not for the American way of life. For his words he would have been deemed a trader and hung in other countries.

I am touching on parts of today's show, so I hope this is not moved.

Jon Stewart exemplified what it is to be a real American, and didn't even try to bring professionalism to his intro, but his professionalism came out, because he is a REAL person.

Thanks for letting me rant yet again.



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I started to cry when he was talking the way he was saying when he was 5 and Martin Luther King Died how his class mates went under the table and they ate cottage cheese stuff like that the way he was talkin it was very intense...
you know that this came from the heart and the way he said from his apartment he use to be able to see the twin towers and now he gets to see the Statue of Liberty

God that was so deep and personal.
The thing is something told me to put on comedy central and when I did I get to hear Jon Stewart shed his heart out..


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FOFO dont worry Nostrill Dumass is here for you lol I saw the show and he was great. You will always have the people that sympathise with the bad guys and you know what they should get the bat also. America will win in the end and Nostrill Dumass says in two days their will be action.
Wht do the femails over their wear vails???? Because they are butt ugly lol smile babe revenge is all ours.
As good , if not better, than Letterman did. I was deeply touched by Jon's narrative.
Bill Maher is a soulless whore, and deserves a bath in the Hepatitus C kiddie pool. :mad:
God Bless Us All..
Probably the best speech that was given by anyone in entertainment.

And it was alot more deep than the F'n little speeches everyone from Hollywood read during that telethon.