Jones Beach - The Big Announcement!



Hi everyone,
As you probably heard, tomorrow morning Opie & Anthony are going to making a special announcement about tickets for the Jones Beach show in New York on June 16. We want to make sure you are the first ones to know!

Beginning tomorrow at 9am, a LIMITED amount of seats will be release on for only $10! So those of you on the fence about going - this is your chance!

Please remember, there are a very limited number of seats opening up at this price, and they will be on a first come, first serve basis.


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Check out for how to win meet & greet passes for all the shows!


Another girrrrl!!!
never mind

EIGHTEEN FUCKING FIFTY FOR A $10 TlCKET??? And that's because I'm doing will call, which is free and fucking surprise. I am so in the wrong business.


Another girrrrl!!!
When you go to the ticket purchase page, there's a separate section that says "10 tickets". It's not listed with $70/50/20 tickets.
you mean on the page with the $70/50/20 tickets? cause i see shit


Another girrrrl!!!
start over. I was wondering the same thing, but when I searched for jones beach again, it was there.

Yes. See where it says, "Full price ticket"? Right under that it says, "$10 ticket promotion."
got some thank you very much got good seats surprisingly


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I got the $10 tix too. I dont know where the seats are though. Hopefully theyre halfway decent.