Jones/Evans Official


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UFC makes official announcement of one of year's biggest matches

Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans for the light heavyweight title on 4/21 in Atlanta at Phillips Arena.
Jones has opened as a 5 to 1 favorite.
5 to 1?

I might place my first ever MMA bet on Rashad


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If rashad fights how he had in the last few Jones should destroy him. But I wonder if he's been fighting boringly to throw Jones off and make him think that he's gonna try and ride out a victory


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I know as a guy that really like Jon Jones, this fight should make me nervous because as former friends and members of the same fight team, they used to train together and probably know each other well. Evans doesn't scare me and I think Jones will finish him. Jones will be beaten eventually.... I just don't think it's going to be by Evans.


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They way they talk about how their relationship used to be, it reminds me of an older and younger brother relationship. I've known brothers, it didn't matter how much larger and tougher the younger brother grew up to be, the older brothers always knew how to kick the younger bros ass. I see this fight going that same way. Rashad will know how to deal with Jon and will probably knock him out.


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I'm one of the few who still isn't on the Jon Jones wagon, but if he dominates Rashad I think I will be a fan finally.

I honestly just don't think JJ has had many real challenging fights yet and Evans will be one.


Jones has reach and a height advantage. Plus, he is younger then Evans.

Hopefully, it'll be a great fight with someone KO'd.


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I don't see how Evans beats Jones. I guess he can LnP his way to a decision, but to do that, he has to get close to him and with Jones' reach, I don't see it happening.

To quote Jones, Evans is going to be his "masterpiece."