Jordan back again!


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Well as was expected Micheal Jordan has announced he is coming back to play. I for one am really excited about it. I have become a big Knick fan over the past ten years. Before that I was just another brainwashed Bulls fan because of Jordan. I will not be becoming a Wizard's fan this time. Though I will be rooting for them.

I want to see Jordan comeback and school all the competition. Ofcourse his true tests will come against Kobe and Iverson, I just hope he can still drill that J, if he still can, he will be one of the top scorer's in the league, without a doubt.

People can say all they want about being sick of all his hype. Fuck that! He is the greatest basketball player of all time. You will see how much money and fans he brings back to the sport. Also just another distraction in the wake of all the madness that has gone on in our Country.

Welcome back Mike! And thank you.


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I don't care if the Wizards win all of their games, because they are not, because I want to see Michael Jordan playing basketball again.


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Hell ya He is a great basketball player I love that guy...
I can't wait to watch him play what ever team he is on it is just great to watch the man play.


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who in here got ticket to the game in the garden :D :D
No ticket, but I'll be watching tomorrow to see how he does. How awesome is it that he can get into shape to actually pull this off.