Jose Canseco Sequel "Vindicated" to Expose More Players


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Jan 26, 2005
NEW YORK (AP) - Former big league slugger Jose Canseco will name more names in a sequel to his 2005 steroid memoir "Juiced", according to published reports Sunday.

The new book, with the working title "Vindicated", will arrive in bookstores on Opening Day 2008, Canseco's lawyer Robert Saunooke told the New York Post and the Daily News.

Saunooke said the book would accuse ballplayers not named in former Sen. George Mitchell's report of using performance-enhancing drugs.

"We had hoped that the Mitchell Report would have been more revealing," Saunooke said. "It basically ended up being nothing more than (Mitchell saying), 'I talked to a lot of people, some wouldn't talk to me and it's up to the commissioner."'

Canseco tried to get into the Dec. 13 New York news conference where the Mitchell Report was released, but was barred by Major League Baseball officials who said it was a "media only" event.

He later told Fox Business Network, "I saw the list of players, and there are definitely a lot of players missing."

Saunooke would not say which current or former major leaguers would be identified as steroid users in the new book.

The book will be co-written by former Sports Illustrated reporter Don Yaeger; the Post said the publisher would be Penguin Books.

Canseco was one of the first ballplayers to admit using steroids in Juiced. There, he gave specific names of other players who allegedly used, including former Oakland A's teammate Mark McGwire. McGwire has denied using steroids.


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Dec 9, 2004
Ok Jose, you were right, there are a ton of dirty players in MLB. Now go fuck off. No one cares about you any longer.