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just signed up will try it out tomorrow and get back to the board
I just signed up and Jotted myself, seems to work pretty good. I may use this a lot, I tend to think of things when away from the office and this is way better than writing things down.
I tried it and works pretty good. I'm not saying i'll use it every day but its nice to know its there.
its a good reminder service, but you need to speak very clearly. word tend to get jumbled into nonsense, but you can usually figure out or remember what it was.
Plus, you have the link right in the email to listen to the audio if you don't understand the translation.
I will use this a lot, thanks.


Bad ass!!

Jott is for real kick ass! Definitely helps with the driving and texing idea. Try it out with your music too! I use it when I think of guitar riffs when I'm not at my guitar. Try it out while its free! It's gotten a lot better since I've been using it. Have fun!


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Sorry to bump the old thread... but Jott is amazing!

I have mine integrated with my Google Calendar, my e-mail and my phone (for TXT's)... simply an astonishing tool, that can be used in everyday personal and business life.

I sound like I'm getting paid for this, but I am just sooooo happy with the results and have only been using it for a week.