Judge Cuts RIAA off at the knees


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Oct 30, 2004
Rhode Island
Very BIG news here.

This should essentially throw a monkey wrench into the RIAA/MPAA's treating the court system as an assembly line extortion racket for personal gain. The way in which they were presenting "evidence" to the court was deeply troubling as it had no specifics, just boilerplate terminology which one judge finally had the balls to tell them was not good enough.

Many recording industry suits will be weeping silently tonight. :D


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Nov 29, 2005
Defendant. However, other than the bare conclusory statement that on "information and belief" Defendant has downloaded, distributed and/or made available for distribution to the public copyrighted works, Plaintiffs have presented no facts that would indicate that this allegation is anything more than speculation[/QUOTE

I've said that for the past two years. It's finally time that court system told the record company that you can't just say something happened, you have to prove it happened (by a preponderance of the evidence).

I'm also pretty sure it's against the lawyers code of conduct not to make the court aware that there is an on point case.

Of course the RIAA will appeal but this is HUGE.