Judgement Day...

prediction one - It is gonna suck!!

It is the week before and they only have a few matches announced and nothing else really developed yet.

Austin v. UnderBiker - Austin keeps the belt.
HHH v. Kane - HHH keeps the belt.
Angle v. Beniot - Who cares who wins? It will be the show stealer. 2 out of 3 with pinfall then submission then ladder match. Should be good. I see angle getting his medals back though.
Chyna v. Lita - Chyna keeps the belt. Possible heel turn for Chyna. Maybe even getting a little help from Latin Heat for the win.
Regal v. Rikishi - short boring match with Rikishi squashing Regal and giving him stink face. Match will be a squash because Rikishi is hurt and wrestling with a bad shoulder that needs surgery.
Test v. Big Show - Test wins.

Those are the only announced matchs so far. Looking great huh? No Hardy's? No Dudleys? No Jericho? No Edge and Christian? Plus no hardocre or light heavyweight title matchs? Yeah they will be on the card but no storylines have been developed for any of them.

Rumored matches:
Tag team turmoil match for number one contender for tag team belts. Should include the Hardys, Dudleys, Edge and Christian, Radicalzs, X factor and Jericho wiht a mystery partner. I don't think any of the traditional tag team over enough to take the belts for Austin and HHH or even have a good match with them so I predict Jericho and his partner to win it all. I am hoping Jericho's mystery partner is gonna be Lance Storm but I doubt it.

Rhyno(c) v. Spike Dudley v. Crash Holly - Rhyno keeps belt after Spike and Crash takes big bumps and get gored!

Lots of guessing here but I think the WWF is really slipping. They are once again only developing the main event storylines and not spending any time on the undercard. I haven't been able to buy a PPV in a long time and hope this one doesn't make me regret spending my money.
Well im not watching this one cause its The Sopranos Season Finale on Sunday Night and im not missing that for anything...
Yeah like they will only play that a hundred more times during the week! Hey with the new digital cable I got down here I have the choice to watch The Sopranos in either wide screen or regular format on two different HBOs. It is pretty kewl.
Yeah i will watch it those hundred times also i am a big fan of the show.


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I watched sopranos, great show, but they could have done a better job for the season finale.

I watched the replay of Judgment day. It was alright. The HHH vs. Kane match was pretty good. The rest of the shit leading up to it, was not so exciting. To be completely honets, I have no clue who won the fights. I kept channel surfing and missed the endings. The Stone cold VS. Undertaker match was cool. Stone cold won.

It was hysterical, Vince interfered and was backed into a corner by Taker all of a sudden Stone cold runs up with a chair, Taker moves out the way. The sound the chair made when Austin accidently hit Vince, was the funniest thing I ever heard. I swear it must have hit on the hardest part of the chair. It was just a loud THUMP. Vince just crumbled. You have to see it and hear it, to really laugh your balls off.

All and all it was pretty good. I'm sure Raw will be better. I just hope they do something different. Cause at the end of Judgement day, they showed Taker shaking his head saying " It ain't over yet". Which means expect some of the same old shit. I say bring on the WCW.
If you are curious about who won what, just scroll up. I was almost dead on. I was wrong about the Kane/HHH match and I predicted Test would win his match, but that was before Rhyno was added and I did predict Rhyno would keep his belt so I was kinda right.

As for Raw tonight it should be good. There is suppose to be an announcement about WCW made tonight so that will let us know what is going on. The PPV Fully Loaded has been renamed Invasion this year so a cross over might be coming soon. Also tonight will tell us which way the federation is gonna go in the next few months. Apparently Vince wants to continue the Austin and HHH v. Taker and Kane fued through King of the Ring, but Heyman wanted to bring in some fresh stuff and elevate Jericho and Beniot. Vince liked Heyman's ideas but does have final say so we will say which way the federation will head. Hopefully Vince is smart enough to go with Heyman's idea and end these bad storylines that are ruining the ratings and start some new stuff.

Judgement day was good. All the matches were good and all the wrestlers did great jobs. The storylines are weak now and there were no real surprises but the wrestling was good. I think the Lita/Chyna match was the best match of the night. A classic match and well wrestled. The ending was weak with Chyna helping Lita up but the match was great. The Angle/Beniot match was great as expected. Beniot gave away that he was gonna be the mystery partner when he applied the Walls of Jericho during the second fall and with Edge & Christian interferring it was obvious. The tag team turmoil match was pretty good and set up some new angles. I feel bad for the Hardy's who were main-eventers a few weeks ago and are now starting an angle with X-factor, but maybe it will be a good thing. The chain match was good and sets up for some different possible angles and maybe a split between Austin and HHH. I doubt it though. Look for Austin and HHH to appear to be breaking up and even lose the tag belts tonight but in the end it will be a swerve and they stay together. (will doing so well with predictions for last night I figure while I am on a roll keep pressing my luck)

The best line of the PPV was when Jim Ross said, "If the ropes were a woman, Angle would be going steady already" during the 2nd fall of his match with Beniot.

The best sign I noticed was "KOKO B Where?"

I don't think the storylines in the WWF are very good or fresh at the moment, but the performances are top notch and the PPV was top rate. Lets just hope the writers start matching the performances done by the wrestlers and soon.


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I'm with you on the writing. I hope they can come up with some new, more exciting shit.

The best sign I noticed was "KOKO B Where?"
Hysterical bro. :D

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Originally posted by MAVRIC305:
I watched sopranos, great show, but they could have done a better job for the season finale.
I liked The episode on Sunday, I know there are alot of people who where pissed that it wasnt what they where expecting but thats what i loved about it. See everyone i figure like Season 1 & 2 expected all the problems to be solved by seasons end but then the show becomes too predictable so i liked season finale. Another is the reason for that season finale is David Chase said Season 3 and 4 are written more like one long season so when Season 3 ended the other night it was ending in the middle of the story.


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Doesn't this belong in the television section?
Silence!!!, I will not tolerate your insolence. :D Yes I think it does, but WWF is on television too, so WTF. Also I permit it since I am the almighty Moderator of this forum. ;)

On another note. I can't wait for OZ, that show's storylines are just as good as The Sopranos. If not better.