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Anyone on here into juicing? I just bought one of the Jack Lalanne Juicers the other day. I picked this one because of the lifetime warranty on the motor and the durablility as well as ease of cleaning and maintenance of the machine. Alot of friends of mine have it and they love it. I am not a big vegetable eater but I am eating a lot more now that I am able to mix it in with fruit. I used to drink a lot of fruit smoothies but yogurt lately has been grossing me out (looks like fucking jizz), V8 fusion I used to like but it is loaded with sugar, and this seems to be more natural.


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2 oz of vodka over ice. Juice one grapefruit and one plum over it. Thats my favorite combo at the moment. A little white peach is good too if the grapefruit is a tad sour.


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Don't 'juice' but i do like to make smoooothies, don't use yogurt though, just cut up and freeze the fruit add a little ice, little skim milk & sometimes an equal depending on the fruit used...deliciousness


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I love carrot & apple juice. I had a JuiceMan II juicer for about 10 years. A few months ago I got a Breville 800JEXL to replace it - the thing is amazing

Oh I mix the pulp in with my dogs food

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