July 4th


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Happy Fourth of July!
Happy Forf!
Happy Born Day Murica!
Thank You Baby Jesus
Thank You Bill Pullman
Thank You Drunk Randy Quaid
Thank You Will Smiff
Thank You Chef Goldblum

In all seriousness enjoy the day. I hope you all get to spend it with family and friends. I hope you all eat and drink too much. I hope you don't pass out in the sun.

If you gotta work, be safe, hopefully not a long day so you can get to your loved one and a cold beer and a warm plate of food.

Never forget also what July 4th stands for and all the sacrifice made to get us to where we are today!

Enjoy boys!


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This is like your version of Australia Day, so I'm jealous of you guys and I still have to work tomorrow.


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Happy independence day, people. Here's hoping we still have it in a few years, as something more than just a day to get drunk.

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Happy forf of Jew lie, creepy ass crackers.


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No no no no.... get it straight sir. It's "cracka", not "cracker".... didn't Tray Tray and Rachel the Hutt teach ya nuthin?
You can get to crackin that safe cracka!


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Happy 4th. I hope you all have the same amount of fingers tomorrow morning that you do this morning.


Happy birf, America.

You might be on life support, but we shall overcome the evil bastards trying to **** you.

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'Murica, fuck yeah!!

Goin to the range and shooting guns today!!



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Obama will celebrate today by traveling to England to deliver an apology on behalf of America.


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Damn some one beat me to the blown off finers

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This is like your version of Australia Day, so I'm jealous of you guys and I still have to work tomorrow.
I think most businesses stay open today in America, actually.


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12 hour tour tonight and tomorrow night an mandatory ot for 10 hours sat night. Woo hoo. Yeah me.


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Went swimming for the first time since high school ate a ton of food. Great day so far.

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Wife and i spent the day putting our master suite back together. It was the last part of the house that needed to be painted. We still aren't finished. I'm hoping to at least be able to sleep in there tonight. Last two nights on the sofa sucked balls.

We've had thunderstorms rolling through all day. Another one is just getting here now. Its pretty loud considering tons of fireworks are being detonated all over the place too.


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Launched a bunch of fireworks in the back yard tonight.

I have more for later in the weekend. As Apu says:

Celebrate the birth of your country by blowing up a small piece of it.
The Internet! FUCK YEAH! Sushi! FUCK YEAH! Taco Bell! FUCK YEAH!


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Last night I learned that either there are a lot more of the "community" in my neighborhood than I thought or that they ship in for the holiday.

I also learned that black people don't give two shits about firework laws. Holy fuck, the small street in front of my apartment building looked like Vietnam. My car was littered with debris this morning.