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Looking for a reputable place that hauls away junk cars. Anyone in the Maryland area know of any places that haul for free?


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Find a nearby scrap metal place. The average car will get you 2 to 3 hundred depending on weight. Strap it to the back of a friends truck and profit. Even if you have to call a tow truck you should still make 150 to 200 for just an hour or two of your time.


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Most local papers have listings for haul aways in the classifieds.

Buy a local rag or check their on line website.
Or donate it to a charity... and get a tax credit. We did that for my chicks old car which needed a new gas tank and shift cable. The dealership was going to give us like $400 for it... when we donated it we got a $500 tax credit.


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What kinda car we talkin here? Sell it for parts if it's a more common one.


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It's a 1999 Honda Passport with 187,000 miles on it and now at this point doesn't run. Was offered $300 cash to junk it and I accepted.


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I scrapped some stuff last week, light iron is going for $9.50 a hundred
Lots of places here will come get it and pay you. Salvage yards have their own tow trucks.


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Yeah my buddy has a tow truck and rollback...we pay 200 to 400 or so depending on the vehicle...my old 63 Olds Dynamic 88 was a tank and weighed a ton...you need the title here in Delaware to take one to the scrap yard. we paid 200 for one and got $975 ...not bad for a few hours work...we buy them , if anyone is selling in the Tri State area.


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we bought a few that we put a little work in to, and sold for $1500 each...easy money...