Just got back from my first indy show

Biff Hardslab

I have the t-shirt
I went to my first indy show tonight. I didn't have high expectations, as I've been a WWE snob forever. I had a great time. It was surreal walking into this small auditorium that used to host Jim Crockett promotions and the Mid Atlantic territory. I come in and sitting at a table 5 feet away from me signing autographs is Ric Flair. As I'm standing there thinking "That's Ric fucking Flair", Ricky Steamboat walks up to him. To my right is James Ellsworth, the jobber that got worked over by Braun Strowman. As I go in to the merchandise area, there's Matt and Jeff Hardy, The Nasty Boys, The Rock and Roll Express, and Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant. Quite the "holy shit" moment .

Flair and Steamboat opened the show by talking in the ring. Flair had a couple of his grandkids with him. He bounced off the ropes, strutted, said "Whoo", left the ring and that was the last he was seen. The rest of the show was pretty good matches.

The highlights:
- While a tag team was on the mike running down Flair for showing up to get paid and then heading to the airport, The Nasty Boys waddled to the ring and started a "hardcore" match with them. Brian Knobbs is a bloated walrus that got winded about 10 seconds in.

- A 6 man tag was announced. 3 Indy wrestlers, one of whom already worked a match, came to the ring. Then Cody Rhodes comes down. He got a huge pop and looked happier than he ever did in WWE. Then his partners come down, The Rock and Roll Express. WTF? I didn't think they were going to do much, but damn if Ricky Morton didn't pull off a hurricarana. Robert Gibson looks like a corpse, but can still move.

- Main Event is Gangrel and another Indy guy tagging against the Hardys. Broken Matt and Brother Nero come out and do their "delete" bit. In the middle of the match, Sabu comes out, goes heel and puts Jeff Hardy through a table. Hardys win after putting the Indy guy through a table.

I had more fun at this show, sitting in bleachers, than I have had at any WWE show. The crowd was hot and seeing these old guys from my youth was worth the $21 ticket.

Creasy Bear

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Christ, that's depressing.

There is no pathetic like washed up wrestler pathetic.

Biff Hardslab

I have the t-shirt
Christ, that's depressing.

There is no pathetic like washed up wrestler pathetic.
The saddest one was Jimmy Valiant. He was standing by himself on a little mat under a sign that said "Wrestling Legend Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant. He had a big gummy smile and was just waiting for someone to shake his hand. People walked by him like he was a piece of furniture.


Jessie Ventura looks like an AIDS riddled sack of shite these days.

Not that he was at this show.


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$21 is a bargain for Broken Matt.